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Welcome! Whether you are 5 or 95, at a beginner or advanced level, here at STRIVE Studios in Grimsby, you can achieve your childhood, present and future goals and dreams. With our professional and highly qualified faculty to guide you; you will instantly discover what quality instruction can do for you. At STRIVE we take immense pride in our faculty and believe a school is only as good as the teachers instructing there. All educators hold specialized degrees ensuring the knowledge you attain is coming from a professional individual who lives and breathes what they have to offer to you.

Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality of instruction and service in the industry, so you can soar to new heights artistically and/or academically. It is important to know all our teachers specialize in their instruments. In athletics, you would never train for tennis with a soccer coach and music lessons should be no different. Browse through our website and meet the faculty that is waiting to teach you no matter what your age or level. We cater and adapt our teaching methods to make you shine! We guarantee you will not only learn but have fun doing it!

We are extremely happy to be providing music lessons within the Town of Grimsby and the surrounding Niagara Region. We are certainly striving to make the best music school and learning centre we can to serve the community. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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We take music education very seriously and lessons are of the highest quality. All instructors at STRIVE have post-secondary education and some even perform professionally. Private music lessons at STRIVE truly meet the needs of each and every client no matter what their age and level. This is a significant focus for us as developing a skill successfully can vary greatly from person to person. You may be a beginner, professional musician, looking for a hobby, preparing a university audition or RCM examination. Whatever your initiative you will not only improve technically and musically, but we are certain your confidence and performance skills will improve as well. When you are studying with a professional instructor in an energized environment, success is inevitable!

Private in person lessons are offered in piano, classical/acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, and of course voice! Lessons in other instruments can be offered via on-line lessons. Competitions are encouraged and recitals are held every year to promote application of technique through performance and to promote confidence.

Teachers are capable of working with beginners and up to advanced or professional studies. Lessons vary in length depending on the age and skill of each student.


Are you ready to sing your heart out? Have you always wanted to learn how to sing properly? Or are you perhaps a current musician who would like to enhance your vocal potential? You may also simply want to strengthen your voice to eliminate vocal fatigue and hoarseness after a performance or a day of lecturing. Whatever the reason, young or old, whether you are a corporate speaker, singing beginner, advanced vocalist, or active vocal performer; STRIVE can help you. STRIVE is affiliated with owner and voice specialist Vicky Vlassis-Radulovich (VVR Voice Studios ) Due to the extreme sensitivity of the vocal instrument,we have dedicated a separate web page to provide you with thorough details.

The most frequent question I get asked is 'Can someone be taught to sing?' and the answer is yes! One must understand that the vocal cords require specific and consistent training just like all other athletic and artistic fields. When experiencing vocal difficulties it is essential the student or client understand that it is not their voice that is the problem, it is their method. The voice is an extremely sensitive instrument that requires a solid technique for it to function in a consistent manner. Since each person is very different and at a different level, it is therefore best to contact us for a free trial lesson and consultation to discuss and determine what we can do to help you sound the best you can possibly sound!

Singing lessons not only improve your sound, but can relieve stress and provide immense self-confidence no matter what the age. Singing lessons have also shown to improve focus and concentration amongst children and more importantly once again promote self-confidence. Through vocal lessons students and adult clients can all see a dramatic improvement in general speaking, presentation skills and of course singing!


Singing and Music Education for Young Children (age 4-7) - Lessons for young children are a combination of singing, rhythmical skills, movement skills, and drama. A wonderful start in promoting music in a child's life. Beginner piano and their instruction is available upon

Vocal Foundations for the Young Beginner (age 8-12) - Lessons for young beginners includes fundamental vocal technique such as relaxation, projection, breathing, vowel formation, clear diction, and foreign language articulation. Proper posture, elimination of tension, and self-confidence are all strongly promoted as well. Students are also exposed to performing, acting and staging skills. Beginner piano and their instruction is available upon request.

Vocal and Performance Skills (age 13+) - Lessons for older children and adults are individually tailored to suit the needs of the client. In addition to fundamental technique, all aspects of vocal technique will be addressed when appropriate. With respect to foreign language articulation, students will also be familiarized with the International Phonetic Alphabet to ensure the most accurate pronunciation possible. Selection of repertoire will depend on the level and desires of each client. Performance and acting skills are strongly enforced.

Vocal Skills for the Advanced or Professional Artist - Lessons for advanced vocalists will thoroughly prepare the student for university or any other form of audition or performance. Professional artists whether they perform jazz, mainstream, or classical repertoire will receive lessons targeted on eliminating any technical weaknesses and enhancing their performance ability in their genre of music.

Vocal Strengthening for the Everyday Speaker- Lessons for the everyday speaker will promote a healthy speaking voice using various technical elements similar to singing. General proper voice technique will promote a healthier voice that will not fatigue after a day of speaking. Projection, clarity, personal confidence, and the elimination of hoarseness can all be attained with correct speaking/voice technique. Lecturers, entrepreneurs, corporate speakers and teachers can all benefit greatly.

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" My daughter took vocal lessons last year and we were thrilled with her progress. A very supportive and professional studio. We will definitely be returning for 2017-2018.” - B. Arlond

“Five of our children have taken music lessons at STRIVE Studios. Currently, three daughters are learning Violin, Cello and Flute, while a son is learning to play the guitar. This will be our fifth year at the Studio.

We love the teachers! STRIVE has provided skilled instructors who have prepared our children for examinations, as well as preparing them to perform, both in a solo setting as well as in ensembles.

We look forward to the years ahead, as our youngest three children will also have the opportunity to pick the instruments they will want to learn.”

-R. Thibault

“My daughter is so looking forward to starting her 3rd year of Piano at Strive in Grimsby! The teachers are all professional, kind, and so very talented. We enjoy being able to participate in the year end recital, it is a real example of how wonderful and vast the music lessons are with Vicky and her team! Violins, piano, vocal and more!” - E. Mottiar


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