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Vicky Vlassis-Radulovich - Bach. Ed., M. Mus.    

             STRIVE Studios is proud to now offer Motivational and Life Coaching. Having taught professional lessons in Voice and Performance for over 12 years I have realized that the one thing that will determine one's ability to follow through with something is having CONFIDENCE. Surprisingly music lessons, especially voice lessons is extremely mental. You must be able to let go, relax and not let your thoughts interfere if you wish to be successful. Sometimes however this is quite difficult and challenging to do. During music lessons I found a large percentage of students were not able to make this happen as their mind and thinking was getting in the way. The first thing I had to do was break away at this negative thinking by building confidence and motivation. Usually this journey did not always revolve around music but instead creating an environment for the student where they can be themselves, face fears, and simply talk about what was holding them back. In addition to teaching music I found this component of the lessons very fulfilling. I realized this ability to believe in one's self can affect every aspect of life.

             Motivational and Performance coaching with me is quite simple. I am here to provide guided, knowledgeable advice to help you find the confidence and motivation to make decisions and pursue anything. Whether you are just overwhelmed, looking to talk, need advice about life, careers, or even schooling I am certain I can help you. Even if you need just one pep talk to help you take that leap you have been hesitating with - I can do that. Sometimes all you need is that extra push from someone you don't know to help you see the light. Please note Motivational Coaching is not therapy. If you are depressed please seek a mental health specialist. You can book Motivational Coaching one at a time or enroll for a block to use whenever you feel you need it.