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Professional Music Education

Music Lessons & Performance Coaching in the Niagara Region.

Policies and Payment

As a first year welcome we will waive all registration fees!

Enrollment is on a semester basis, in advance. Please note you have reserved your slot for the entire year.


Teacher: It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide excellent instruction, and conduct lessons in a consistent and professional manner. We are committed to each of the students and will strive to help them achieve their greatest potential academically, technically and artistically. Students will be given performance and competition opportunities.

Student: Students are expected to participate fully in their lesson experience. This includes regular attendance and prompt arrival for weekly lessons. In the event that the teacher runs a few minutes late starting a lesson, the time will be added to the end of the lesson or made up at another time if that is not convenient. If the student is late, that time is lost. The student is expected to be courteous and practice regularly between lessons. Students should always arrive prepared with their music/assignments neatly organized. Please remember to bring your text or music books to each lesson.

Parents (if student is a minor): The parent is responsible for bringing their child to lessons and paying tuition on time. Parents should also consider themselves a vital part of their child’s musical development, or tutoring lessons and enforce regular practice.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up

All minor students will be released only to parents or those who have been given prior approval. If for some reason you need to send someone else - if possible please call so that we may verify your approval prior to releasing the child. Please be prompt in picking up your child as we may be occupied with the next student, and unable to provide supervision after their scheduled time has ended. There is a waiting area provided outside the studio for parents and siblings. 

Payment and Rates

There are two semesters each year. On average, there are 18 lessons per semester. Checks are payable on the second lesson of each semester and can be paid in full for the semester by check, or cash installments for 6 lessons at a time. If paying by check please make it payable to STRIVE STUDIOS. At this time, the studio only accepts cash and checks as methods of payment. You may not alternate your forms of payment. There will be a $25.00 charge for an NSF check. 

Rates vary depending on the teacher instructing, length of the lessons and whether it is a private or group lesson. Please call us for further information regarding fees. A detailed breakdown will be provided to you at the time of registration as classes and rates may differ slightly. On average, private lesson are 24 dollars per lesson. Discounts are always provided for one hour private sessions and for siblings both taking private lessons. The majority of group lessons are generally one hour in length and 15 per class.

Cancellation Policy

Please call your teacher with 24hrs notice in advance for a lesson cancellation. Please ensure you leave a message if no one is there to take your call. If you do not call in time to cancel a lesson then a make-up lesson is not offered. You must call in advance to cancel lessons. Private lessons canceled with appropriate notice will be rescheduled and NOT refunded. This policy does not apply for group classes.

Make-up Lesson Policy

If 24-hour notice is not given, the tuition and lesson are forfeited. If a make-up lesson is canceled, the lesson is forfeited. Since several of the instructors are also professional performers, the teacher reserves the right to reschedule lessons at anytime. If the instructor has to cancel a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled for another time at your convenience. If you cancel with 24hr notice, please also note a maximum of two make-up lessons will be provided for private lessons. No make-up lessons are provided for group classes. Any group lessons that are missed are forfeited and not refunded.

Snow Emergency Policy

In the event of heavy snow requiring cancellation, we will call you and you will be entitled to a make-up lesson at a later date.

Termination of Agreement

If the student (or parent if that student is a minor) wishes to discontinue lessons for the following semester, please inform us within two weeks of of the next semester. Once we have been notified of the change, the student will be removed from the schedule. You will not receive a refund for the remainder of the lessons if you discontinue during the semester. Enrollment is for the entire semester.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your or your child’s musical and academic development!