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Professional Music Education

Music Lessons & Performance Coaching in the Niagara Region.

Private Music Lessons

We take music education very seriously and lessons are of the highest quality. All instructors at STRIVE have post-secondary degrees and instruct and perform professionally. Private music lessons at STRIVE truly meet the needs of each and every client no matter what their age and level. This is a significant focus for us as developing a skill successfully can vary greatly from person to person. You may be a beginner, professional musician, looking for a hobby, preparing a university audition or RCM examination. Whatever your initiative you will not only improve technically and musically, but we are certain your confidence and performance skills will improve as well. When you are studying with a professional instructor in an energized environment, success is inevitable!

Private lessons are offered in piano, classical/acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, violin, cello, saxophone, flute, clarinet and of course voice! To ensure you are becoming an all around knowledgeable musician, we also have various theory classes that can compliment your private lesson.

Competitions are encouraged and recitals are held every year to promote application of technique and confidence. Lessons are designed in advance to suit a more casual approach or for more enriched programs tailored to prepare the more serious student. Please note the Foothill location only offers voice and piano lessons at this time.

Teachers are capable of working with beginners and up to advanced or professional studies. For more customized lessons, tuition costs may vary as some teachers not only hold Bachelor Degrees, but Master and Doctoral Degrees as well. Lessons also vary in length depending on the age and skill of each student. 

Please know one consultation/trial lesson is always provided with no obligation to enroll. This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the teacher and make sure you and/or your child are comfortable. We look forward to meeting you!